How to Boost Your Email Marketing Average Open Rate

email marketing average open rate

Email open rate is an integral metric in email marketing. It tells you how well your campaign is performing and which types of content resonate most with subscribers.

On average, open rates in most industries range between 15% and 30%. However, these figures can differ by industry and depend on a variety of factors.

Subject Lines

If you want to increase your email marketing average open rate, one of the most successful methods is crafting captivating subject lines. These should pique subscribers’ curiosity and motivate them to open the email and read further about it.

You can further personalize your subject line by including possessive pronouns like “you” or “yours.” Doing so makes recipients feel like they’re speaking to a friend, which helps build trust between both of you.

Another way to boost your subject line’s open rate is by instilling a sense of urgency or scarcity. Doing this encourages readers to act immediately and prevent them from missing out on an exciting offer.

Retail emails are particularly important, as many consumers worry about missing out on a sale or special offer. Try using these tactics in your next email campaign and see how much of an impact it has on your open rates.


Email marketing average open rates can be affected by a variety of factors. One key element that affects these rates is the content you include in your emails.

For instance, if your business offers a product tailored towards a certain demographic, create relevant content specifically for that group. Doing so will increase overall open rates.

Another metric that can influence your open rate is click-to-open rates (CTOR). This measure indicates how many unique people clicked on the links in your email.

CTOR (Content to Email Ratio) is an indicator of whether subscribers find your email content appealing and useful. Unfortunately, this metric can vary based on industry, list size, and other variables.

Sending Time

Email marketing’s average open rate is a metric that measures how often recipients open your emails. It can be an useful KPI because it shows whether your content is captivating enough for subscribers to click through.

However, it should be noted that this metric isn’t the only thing to take into account when assessing your email campaign’s performance. You also need to take into account your audience’s behavior and specific conversion goals.

Generally, the ideal time to send your newsletter is between 11AM-12PM. This is when most people begin checking their inboxes as their first task of the day. Therefore, during this period of time, your email should be short but informative in order to capture subscribers’ attention.

From Address

The from address is the first thing a recipient sees when opening an email, so it’s essential that it stands out. A well-crafted from address will let people know why they’re receiving the message and hopefully encourage them to open it.

The subject line is another critical factor that can significantly increase open rates. A well-crafted subject line will likely lead to more clicks than weak ones.

It’s essential to add a personal touch in your subject line. By using the recipient’s name, open rates can be increased up to 20%.

Other factors that can influence open rates include the day of the week and time of day. Sending emails during business hours typically results in a higher open rate than sending them during the weekend or on holidays.