Free Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use For Your Website

free digital marketing tools

Several free digital marketing tools are available for you to use on your website. These tools are beneficial for your business in a number of ways, and you should definitely use them. Here are a few of the most popular free tools you can use for your website:


Using word clouds in marketing can provide some quick and clear insights into your content. Whether you’re trying to troubleshoot your website’s content or evaluating your competitor’s messaging, word clouds are a quick way to assess the quality of your content.

Word clouds are a fun and visual way to share your message. These fancy shapes can be created using custom fonts, icons, and colours. Word clouds are also great for showing mobile readers what the topic is all about.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is a great way to see how your site is performing. This tool can tell you what devices your visitors are using, what language they speak, and where they came from. It can also help you identify which pages on your website are doing the best.

Google Analytics also offers the ability to customize your reports. You can set up segments of your audience and create reports based on those segments.


Moosend is a marketing automation solution that gives users the tools to grow their business. With Moosend, users can create professional email marketing campaigns that are personalized for their subscribers. The platform also provides a range of other features.

Moosend offers a free 30-day trial. The free plan includes unlimited emails, a landing page, and transactional emails. It also includes support through phone or live chat. In addition, the platform allows users to create lists with as many subscribers as they wish.


Whether you are a small business owner or a blogger, you can benefit from using the SEMrush digital marketing tool. This tool helps you research keywords, analyze your competition and make more effective marketing decisions.

The tool includes a variety of features, including an advertising dashboard that displays a glance of your competitors’ ads, changes in paid traffic and organic traffic, and backlink profiles. It also includes tools for content marketing and social media tracking.

Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console free digital marketing tools is an important part of a successful SEO campaign. It provides data that can be used to optimize your site’s performance, and it is easy to set up. It is useful for SEO specialists as well as marketers.

It offers useful data, such as keyword ideas, top searches, and more. It also offers information on other websites linking to yours. It can help you to understand and fix backlinks, and it can help you make informed decisions about the appearance of your site.


Whether you’re an eCommerce business owner, an affiliate marketer, or an SEO specialist, SimilarWeb is a tool that can help you make the most of your online marketing efforts. It provides data on websites and traffic sources, as well as insights on the marketing and buyer intelligence of your competitors. It can also help you find online communities and guest article opportunities.


Fortunately, there are plenty of free digital marketing tools to choose from. From measuring your conversions to displaying the latest customer reviews, there are many ways to improve your bottom line. These tools are designed to get you the most for your marketing dollar. Regardless of the tools you choose, make sure to put them to good use. You’ll be surprised at how much more successful your marketing campaigns will be.


Designed for small businesses and freelancers, MeetEdgar offers a wide range of tools to help with social media. It can help you schedule posts across multiple networks, organize your content, and maximize your social reach.

MeetEdgar helps marketers save time by recycling previously published content. You can reuse content across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can also automate the publication of content.

Smart Ads Creator

Using a tool like the Smart Ads Creator to craft a compelling ad can pay big dividends. This is especially true if you’re an ecommerce business looking to sell your wares. Aside from its slick interface, the tool also connects to your favorite ecommerce apps like Shopify and WooCommerce to ensure you’re maximizing your potential. Besides, it’s free.

The Smart Ads Maker also stands apart from the crowd in other areas, such as analytics, and data insights. With the aid of the tool, you can create, monitor, and optimize your ad campaigns, all while staying within budget and on the right side of the cookie.


Using Grammarly is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. It helps you ensure that your customer-facing copy is clear and concise. It can also catch grammatical errors in your writing and suggest improvements based on the target audience.

Grammarly is an online writing and editing tool. It can help you correct spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation contradictions. It also offers advanced adjustments for tone and style.